How It Works

Unlock the secrets of bathroom renovation with our simple process!

Design & Consultation

We begin every project with two 1-hour long consulation and design sessions. In the first session, we discuss the must-have’s, the layout, and the look and feel you are going for. In the follow-up session, our designer will discuss with you the many design options and put together a theme for the bathroom. Only once you are 100% satisfied with the proposed design do we move ahead to the project preparation step.

Purchase & Preparation

Based on your design choices and material selection, we prepare a purchase list and place all orders for the renovation project. This is generally done about 1-2 weeks before the planned start date for the renovation and ensures that everything is ready to go once we start on the renovation. You are also welcome and encouraged to shop around in stores for yourself if that’s what you prefer!

Renovation & Remodeling

From the demolition, down to the final touch ups – our aim is to make the renovation process as easy and non-intrusive as possible. At this point it is full steam ahead and we don’t stop until it’s done! Unlike many other contractors who juggle projects, we stick to one at a time, so you’re guaranteed to have our full attention throughout the renovation process. We’re only done once you’re 100% satisfied.