So you’ve decided that it’s time to rip out the old bathroom and redo it all.  Fancy-schmancy style.
Woah! That seems like quite an undertaking! How do you prepare for such a mess? What do you need to prepare ahead of time? How long is it going to take to complete!?
Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your Bathroom Remodeling/Renovation project that will save you from unnecessary headache.

Find an alternative place to shower


First and foremost, be aware that you will need to find an alternative place to shower. Most renovation jobs take about a week to complete and can leave you without a shower if you don’t have a second one in your home. If that is the case for you, we recommend that you talk with a friend or neighbour who would be willing to let you use their shower while yours is being renovated. Another option would be to take the opportunity to get in shape and take showers at your gym. Or don’t shower for a week – we don’t judge.

Clear the path


This one’s fairly self-explanatory but it’s still worth mentioning. Be sure to clear out your bathroom and part of the bedroom/hallway in front of the bathroom before you start renovations. This will allow the workers to store their commonly used tools close by and also prevent damaging any decor or furniture items. Furthermore, it is also advisable to clear the path from the bathroom to the area where the garbage and main tools are to be kept. Usually, this will be your garage or another storage area.

Gather the materials


If you’ve decided to source your own materials for the project, then it is highly recommended that you source them and have them delivered before you begin the renovation process. You wouldn’t want your job to be delayed (and go another day without showering perhaps) because of missing materials. If however, you choose to go with a package deal, where the materials are sourced by the contractor, then be sure to follow up with them before the renovation process to ensure that they have been able to gather the required materials. Ideally, they will have delivered everything to your home before the start date. Be sure to check out our Bathroom Renovation Checklist to help you keep track of what needs to be purchased.

Lay down protective floor coverings


For the love of floors – put down protective floor coverings! If your contractor does not offer to do this, then take it upon yourself to put them down. It will save you from having to clean up messy floors or even worse, being left with damaged floors. We recommend that you cover everything from the entrance door, to the tools storage area, all the way to the bathroom. Be generous and apply double layers in high traffic areas.

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Decide on design elements


It can be difficult to imagine what your bathroom is going to look like before the remodeling, but you should at least try to have a general idea of the design element you want to incorporate before the project is started. If you’ve done the due diligence of sourcing your materials before the job, then half of the design decisions have already been made. What’s left outstanding might just be the paint colour, grout colour, style of mirror, or type of light fixture.

Arrange for garbage disposal


Most bathroom renovation projects will accumulate about 500lbs, or about 8-10 large garbage bags, of waste. You don’t want to be left to deal with that yourself! Most contractors will agree to arrange for garbage disposal, at an extra fee. Your options are either having a garbage bin dropped off in your driveway for a couple or days, or stacking garbage bags of waste in the garage and having them disposed at your local recycling facility by the contractor or yourself. If you have the space for a garbage bin, then that might be the better solution as it saves you from a cluttered garage and potential messiness.

A bathroom remodeling project can seem quite daunting at first, but with the proper preparations and planning, you can save yourself from a ton of headache. On the bright side, you can be left with a brand new bathroom within a week that you will look forward to stepping into every morning!

We are bathroom renovators in the Greater Toronto Area, and we love what we do.

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